Moon Signs and Meanings in Astrology

What does it mean when your Moon or your romantic partner’s Moon is in a particular Moon sign? Each of the Moon Signs represent the Mother’s personality as well as a Man’s Spouse (or the more masculine person’s Spouse in the relationship).

A Man or Woman’s Moon Sign also shows you their Secret Emotional Nature. Each of the Moon Signs show you what you or your partner needs to be emotionally fulfilled. (Hello life-hack!!! You’re Welcome!)

I have included descriptions and meanings, including celebrities with each of the 12 Moon Signs below. I have also included my own personal love note to each of you, my lovely Moon Signs

Please Note: Astrology is more complex than JUST your Moon Sign or any planet in and of itself. Even still, there is valuable insight in reading and exploring these themes in and of yourself (congratulations!!!) If you have a specific question, please Book A Natal Chart Reading with me, and it will be my pleasure to go over your individual Astrological Blueprint with you. Enjoy!


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