The Moon in Aries Man or Woman are some of the most creative in the Zodiac. This is the Moon sign that both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have, along with Malcolm X, Tupac Shakur, Rihanna, Ellen DeGeneres and Angelina Jolie.

This fiery Aries Moon wants to be seen, but not just seen, seen for WHAT they create, what they add to this world. They are the first to point out and address corruption from any sort of Leader. They LOVE the climb to the top - the question is more so what happens once they get there...

You promised - don't you remember telling me that? I just don't understand what happened...

Good luck ever getting a Moon in Aries person to feel bad (at least openly) for leaving you in the dust, or not caring about your feelings. They are way too busy on their next adventure, or on their way to changing the world or the way that people live. Love for a Moon in Aries is supposed to be fun, expansive and explosive, not a death sentence. (READ: That means anything that restricts their freedom in any way 🙂 )

Since the Moon represents the Mother and the Spouse in a Man's chart (or the more masculine energied person of the pair), this person's mother usually let the child "figure the world out on their own" and believed that getting a little dirty was quite healthy for their upbringing. A Moon in Aries individual's mother was also not a shrinking violet, and wasn't one to be your typical "stay at home mother", generally speaking. With regards to the Spouse - this makes for a fiery, athletic and adventurous Spouse... someone who loves being active and exploring new ideas and ventures.

Dear Moon in Aries,

I love you for seeing the truth and creating things to make the journey more enjoyable for everyone... a beautiful sedation even though I know that you have seen the things that I have seen, but refuse to speak about it openly. Just know that I know that you know, and I still love you. It's okay to let go and truly combine the two worlds, because that is where your true genius exists - trust me on this one. If you don't, it will show up in your health. Every swallow of truth that you make will show up here, and therefore you must combine the worlds and complete your mission, otherwise you are not completing your mission.



Famous people with their Moons in Aries: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Malcolm X, Martin Luther, Tupac Shakur, Selma Hayek, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Pamela Anderson, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Angelina Jolie, Henry the 8th, Angelina Jolie, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Tyra Banks, Daniel Radcliffe