Sun Signs in Astrology

Ah, yes, your Sun Sign in Astrology... The "I am" or "They are" portion of Astrology that is so very valuable for understanding the surface layer of yourself or another. It is a great place to start... The Sun Sign represents "the ego" who we/they are on the surface... Our conscious mind in a lot of ways. It is great for a quick analysis of yourself or another, and if you REALLY want to know the whole story, you must also dig deeper than just the Sun Sign alone (although it is valid and important, of course). A person's Sun Sign is the part that we can all relate to... that thing that we can point to and say "there it is, that thing, right there"... It's what we admit to (for the most part), what we identify with publicly. Whether you are looking to find the meaning of a specific Sun Sign or save a relationship with your partner's zodiac sign, this is the place for you.

And if you are ready to dive deeper and look below the surface, please Book A Reading with me, and we can explore the depths together.