Sun Sign
Your Astrological Sun Sign is who you are in many ways, it is your Ego, it aligns with your purpose. Knowing Your Sun Sign is a great place to start your journey of self-discovery. At the same time, you are much more than just your Sun Sign, and you are about to find out even more...
Moon Signs
Your Astrological Moon Sign is also very important to consider. The Moon in Astrology represents your emotions, your deep feelings, as well as your Mother and your relationship to her or the dominant maternal figure in your life. When you understand this relationship, and your emotions through the lens of Astrology, it will give you clarity on how you can transform the lower states of emotion to something profoundly healing and beneficial to your life.
Mercury Signs
Mercury in Astrology is the Messenger of the Gods. It rules your communication, the way that you think. In this era, this is what, in many ways, will determine your success. The way that you communicate what you want, the way that you think is what makes or breaks you. Learn to access the highest energy of your Mercury Placement, and learn how to soar.
Venus Signs
Your Venus Placement in Astrology - Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, represents what you love, and how you love. Knowing the placement of your Venus is key in learning more about your relationships and life purpose.
Mars Signs
Mars in Astrology is the warrior - it represents your passion... What gets you out of bed in the morning. You might love something (Venus), and if you are not deeply passionate about it, you will not feel like you are tapped into your true purpose. You will not feel deeply motivated to take action.