Mars Signs and Meanings in Astrology

What does your Mars sign in Astrology represent? Your Mars is your warrior. It is what you fight for. It is what gets you out of bed in the morning when nothing else will. It is what some, will sacrifice everything to “conquer”. I like to think of Mars as a person’s “secret identity” in a lot of ways, although I’m not too sure how many people will agree with me on that statement. It is a true reflection of who the person really is…

A very special person once told me “you never really know someone until you see them when they’re angry” and that is really what I’m getting at here.

Maybe it’s my Mars in Scorpio, but I don’t like to know who people are when the sun is shining, and the rainbows are stretching out beautifully over head – I choose my friends and lovers based on how they react when the chips are down and they think that no one else is watching. Hey now, don’t judge me… it seems to have worked pretty well so far 🙂

That is raw, and that is mars.

Where’s your Mars sign?



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