Our Mars in Aquarius men and women are our rebellious lovers and fighters. The only rules that they play by are the rules that no one else needs to know about. The only thing is that you would probably never guess this about them.

So deeply devoted to their cause(s) may trick you into thinking that they are the same way in their relationships, which is only true if you are also their cause. They have this tendency to be a much more distant in their relationships…. however, don’t be too scared because when they do deeply love you, they are very committed individuals.

Even still, anyone with their Mars in Aquarius would probably be more curious about being in an open relationship than someone with their Mars in Capricorn (typically).

These people make it seem like they like to be controlled, and don’t let that fool you for one second, because they somehow always manage to have the upper hand. And as laid-back as they appear, they unconsciously crave stability and routine on some ay shape or form in their passionate endeavours.

What’s your point?

What really pisses these people off? A lack of intelligence. They believe that you should really know when to keep your mouth shut. Ironically, unless their Mercury is in a “louder” placement, they are quite good at doing this themselves. Which is exactly how they collect everyones cards before making a move of their own. Ohhhhh, you thought they were just chilling? Think again.

Mars in Aquarius is totally fine with getting messy, and anything that takes them away from corporate association is best with them. One thing is for sure: whoever you think they are, they are sure to surprise you and keep surprising you every single day.

Get involved in their cause, or your own cause, be passionate about humanity and they will definitely want to get to know more about you.

To my Mars in Aquarius Men and Women: thank you for showing me how to recover from my moments of sadness, pushing me further and further towards my mission and detaching from the trespasses. With your secrets, I am stronger now.

Love always,


Gord Downie had his Mars in Aquarius, and he passed away today. He was a great example of someone who fought for a cause, and lived for helping to change peoples lives. May he rest in Peace, and yes, my Mars in Aquarius people, as Gord said, “You are ahead by a century”.

6 February 1964 – 17 October 2017