TheĀ Mars in Virgo Man or Woman is definitely misunderstood more than most. These people are not the type to kiss and tell, unless of course they are in the lower energy of their chart.

They take love and passion much more seriously than most, and they aim to please.

Of course I love you, I mow your lawn every single week, what do you mean you don’t think I love you?

A Mars in Virgo individual doesn’t generally rule passionate displays of affection. They prefer, instead to seem like they have everything together, until of course they get home.

Don’t think for a second that they will support your indecencies either, nothing makes these people run for the hills more than being with someone who can’t keep of the facade.

With all of that aside, they are absolute perfectionists, and they will never be as hard on you as they are on themselves. They crave to be in a union where their wounds are healed, without fear of being taken for granted.

Do not let their cool exterior fool you, when they care about you they are deeply passionate. Once they are able to ditch their insecurities, their ability to give and receive love will truly transform into something so steady, deep and absolutely heavenly.

To my Mars in Virgo men and women: thank you for teaching me that it’s better with the lights on.

Sending you love always,