The Mars in Pisces Man or Woman is a seer that is a more secretive type of visionary. Trust me, they know, they know everything. Isn’t that amazing? Knowing everything? Well, these people know that it isn’t always it’s cracked up to be. In fact, it can feel kind of isolating sometimes. This inner battle between when to say something and when not to can turn these people into true life escape artists.

Sometimes I just don’t want to know anymore. Do you think I like knowing everything? Are you insane?

But don’t let this fool you, this is one of their greatest gifts. A Mars in Pisces will keep their knowing and the sooner that they capitalize on that gift, is the better off they’ll be.

So what that you can’t tell everyone the truth? As long as you know what it is, you keep your gift. Don’t ever let people take advantage of your light, because your light is exactly what the world needs right now.

In their youth, Mars in Pisces Men and Women can attract the wrong types in love – people that try to suck this light away, but the more that this person stands in their strength, intuition and knowing is the less that this will ever happen and the more that they will attract individuals with a connection to true light, true love. These people need to learn how to make their own decisions and stand in their own light.

Ask yourself, mars in pisces, are you living your truth and standing in your light? Or has someone else tried to take it from you? It’s time to take it back, my loves, it is time. Because we need you here, now.

The more that you awaken, the more that the world heals itself. It isn’t easy, I understand, and yet it is your mission.

Know that you need time to yourself, to regenerate, and that that’s okay. Be mindful of HOW you spend that time. Do you give yourself light in that time or do you recluse to the darkness? You can turn of the lights and still be surrounded by light, my dear mars in pisces, because the light is with you, always.

You have a purpose, and the world needs your light and beauty.

Sending you love, always.