The Mars in Taurus Man or Woman will, believe it or not, make you swoon, but they definitely take their time. These are the people that make you wonder if they ever really cared, or if they are really into you at all. Don't tell them that I said that though, because they will absolutely not agree. You see, they believe that the fact that they are "there" is proof enough.

I don't think we need to talk about that.

Ah, yes, how I love that cold steel door of emotions. Only to bubble to the surface and blow up in your face once it's completely too late. If you're not good at picking up silent hints from Narnia, then a Mars in Taurus might make you feel completely out of the loop.

They aren't known for telling you explicitly how they feel, (although of course they think that they do), but they are known for passive yet helpful reminders.

A Mars in Taurus loves to give pleasure, and they love to receive it even more. So much so that they can tend to over-give to people who frankly, just don't appreciate it, and then they wind up feeling completely used. This all leads right back, however, to their need to truly use their voice. To not assume that using their voice will lead to war (although sometimes it might). In avoiding conflict, they can create conflict, and this is going to be one of their life lessons.

Why can't everything be cupcakes, love, and rose coloured glasses? I know, I ask myself that every single day. I will say this however, is that when you learn to truly give yourself pleasure, in healthy ways, the world kind of is like that.

To all of my Mars in Taurus men and women: thank you for teaching me how to use my voice before it was too late. Oh, and I always dream about that cake we had - you definitely showed me what it means to have good taste. Yum, yum, yum.

Sending you love always,


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