TheĀ Mars in Sagittarius man or woman is an adventurous soul, to say the very least. Whether it’s wandering off into a new and different clothing store or taking the next flight out of the country, one thing is for sure: they’re always off and onto another adventure faster than you can blink. As long as it’s different, it will spark their curiosity. Bonus points if good food is also involved.

Finding a love union that is adventurous but deeply trusting, is something that these individuals can struggle with. Why are freedom and trust so deeply tied together these days anyways?

You ask a lot of questions… just saying.

Oh and by the way, even if they weren’t honest with you, call them dishonest and see what happens. When a Mars in Sagittarius gets angry, they see red. The keyword here however is “when”, because it takes a lot to knock these people off of their all knowing pedestals. But when you do, God help you. They will make sure that you know, oh and they will keep letting you know until they are able to get over it.

Were you not honest with them? Well, perfect. That means that you have freed them of any responsibility to honour your union. A mars in Sagittarius man or woman treats people how they treat them, and they even add a little spice for good measure.

Intelligence, expansion and exploration are what gets these people out of bed in the morning. Are you from another culture? You might be what gets them back in bed, waiting for you to bestow some wisdom on them, together.

If you’re not growing, you’re dying, says the Mars in Sagittarius – so start really living, even if it means that you have to do it by yourself sometimes. You’re the best company anyways.

To my Mars in Sagittarius men and women: thank you for teaching me about the art of creating a pursuit, even if it’s out of complete thin air. Space has been my saviour, and I thank you.

Sending love to you always,