TheĀ Mars in Leo Man or Woman loves to play – let’s just hope that it’s not with your heart.

The heart, is the most important thing to this individual, and it is always their voice of reason.

Well, the heart wants what it wants.

Don’t expect them to have the same justification for your actions, however.

A Mars in Leo Man or Woman makes a fierce leader. If you don’t notice the self confidence radiating from within them, they might need a little pick me up before returning to the throne. (Make sure you don’t let anyone else sit there either).

These people are easily aroused, and have a sexual appetite that would make a Scorpio ask for a “safe day”.

When in love, they let you know about it and they make sure to endow you with lots of kisses, affection and dramatic shows of romance. There will be no guessing here – except the wondering if they have any other admirers. (They probably do).

Don’t let that skew your loyalty, because that is what these Sun Rulers need in their relationships. Make sure to be respectful and playful all at the same time, and they might just consider getting a chair built for you as well.

Whatever they set their mind to gets done like none either, and God help you if you stand in between them and their ambitions. A Mars in Leo will make sure that you’re escorted off of the path to victory, and in doing that, more people will somehow think they are even more amazing.

The things that make this Mars in Leo feel more loved are the things that stay. I suggest asking them what those things are so that you completely understand who they are before deciding that they are your King/Queen charming.

Do you have your Mars in Leo?

To all of my Mars in Leo’s: thank you for lending me your roar and flashlight when I felt like taking the backroad into the castle. I owe you one.