The Mars in Cancer Man or Woman is extremely hard to crack. These are the people that prefer to leave in the middle of the night versus having a dramatic fight – they don’t need to prove their point, at least not like that. If you’ve upset them, they will simply stop connecting with you and letting you in, and sometimes there is nothing worse than that, especially if you’re on the other side wondering why.

Everything is fine, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

That’s probably almost never the case, here.

On the flip-side, a Mars in Cancer man or woman needs to learn how to stick up for themselves, and what’s more, they need to be with someone who appreciates them and their giving nature. Emotional Freeloaders need not apply (please and thank you).

These people really do care. They don’t like confrontation, and that want to build something that lasts. What’s the point in putting work into something or someone who doesn’t value the time and investments that you’ve made?

There isn’t one, says the Mars in Cancer. Your time, your energy and your space are valuable assets, and no one knows that better than these individuals.

A man/more masculine individual with their Mars in Cancer feels like home. It may even feel like you’ve known them from another place, another life.

A woman/feminine individual with their Mars in Cancer wants to be with someone who is caring and values what she gives and adds to the partnership. Someone who values the fact that, at the end of the day if they love you, they will always be there.

Thinking about having one foot out of the door in this union? Think again, you may as well get completely all of the way out – infidelity is more than just a no no with these people.

To my beautiful Mars in Cancer individuals, thank you for teaching me that sometimes it’s better not to say anything at all, keep the peace and move on.

Forever and always,

Love Pamela