Yes, my Moon in Gemini friends. Always up for an adventure, and always looking for the next one while the first one is still happening! 

These individuals are all about the intellectual arousal, in a way which refuses to conform to the norm. They must be more complex than the rest.

Part of the Moon in Gemini is very intense, the other part quite laid back, depending on the situation. These, however, are not people that you want to mess with in any way, shape or form, because they will make sure that you never see the light of day if they can help it - and there will be no ties back to them. You won't even know what happened - no, seriously, you REALLY won't and neither will I.

The Moon in Gemini had a mother who was most likely not completely there with them all of the time and was more of a mother in their early adulthood. The mom most likely acted like more of an older sister than an actual mother.

For a man or the more masculine-energied individual with their Moon in Gemini, this represents their spouse. This represents a need to be with someone who is adventurous and creative with a knack for spotting the details in a social situation which everyone else seemed to miss by a long shot. Secretly intuitive and on the ball... which could cause them to bore easily.

My piece of advise for anyone with their Moon in Gemini is this: 1. You're very intuitive, own it. And 2. Whenever there is gossip, you will almost always be blamed for it more than others, so you may as well just be upfront with the person and own your feelings anyways. This is because you are always the one to provide unique insights in any situation, so naturally the most valuable information in this circle will of course be coming from your mouth (nine times out of ten).

Love you always and forever,

Pamela xoxo

Famous People with their Moon in Gemini: Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, George Carlin, Amelia Earhart, Alyssa Milano, Jennifer Lawrence, Jim Carrey, Sigmund Freud, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jake Gyllenhaal, Mila Jovovich, Heidi Klum, Kylie Minogue, Tina Turner, Jessica Biel, Khloe Kardashian, Hugh Jackman, Rachel McAdams, Jennifer Garner, 50 Cent, Jennifer Connelly, and the Virgin Mary (according to AstroTheme)