A Moon in Taurus Man or Woman is generally one with a good temperament. This placement is a great placement for the Moon, because in the sign of Taurus, the Moon is Exalted.

The Moon in Taurus Man or Woman is deeply seductive and romantic, and generally had a great relationship with the mother (look at the whole chart to verify this). They also feel very at home in their body.

These people can tend to me more emotional than they may initially appear. The Moon in Taurus is of course and earth sign, and these are the most secretly emotional men and women. Not only that, once they make a decision, that decision is generally set in stone.

As much as the Moon in Taurus loves experiencing closeness with a partner, don't let that fool you... they also deeply value their space - a place where they can process their emotions - BUT not TOO much space!!! (I know, it's a little confusing, and a bit of a balancing act.)

Anyone with their Moon in Taurus definitely values the finer things in life - good food, good company, and an amazing home environment is a must in order to ensure their happiness and sanity.

They are also very romantic and when they have made the decision to love you, it is all or nothing (the key word there being WHEN).

To my Taurus Moon people - I love you for the reality that you see, but don't always speak.

Forever and always,