The Moon in Sagittarius Man or Woman - my under cover arrow shooters.

But, I haven't heard from you for years, how could you possibly know that you love me now? After all of these years, NOW you decide that you don't want to live without me? It's too late now, it's been too long... Even though what I know you're saying is the truth... Now what?!

You pull back the arrow, and no one even knows that you have one. Only you know what your target is, and sometimes I wonder if even you know...

The things that you say and the stories you tell are laced with riddles, twists and turns that have the truth weaved throughout them. I must submit to you, to your words and what you say, but I don't want to give my power away, my own thoughts and opinions. You think it's innocent, but to others it can be terrifying in so many ways. Terrifying how right and wrong you are all at the same time, but mostly right.

Even when you think you're speaking casually, you are usually hit an emotional chord within the person you're speaking to without realizing it fully.

As a Lunar Sagittarius, you tend to have strong opinions and beliefs, and these are not to be taken lightly. Unlike someone with their Sun in Sagittarius, you don't always feel the need to make these things visible. You are more apt to test people and see how they react instead, and then leave or stay based on their reactions.

You crave easy-going environments and high-stressed negative people are the wet rag to your raging fire. You do not like boundaries, and crave adventure. When you are in an area without different cultures, foods and experiences, you are not truly happy. You much prefer diverse environments.

Your mother may have also been an adventure seeker, or someone who was very religious or spiritual. It could have been that in your younger years, she treated you as an adult instead of child and that your relationship improves with age. (Look at other aspects and house placement of the Moon as well).




Celebrities with their Moon in Sagittarius: Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, Al Pacino, Adele, Albert Einstein, Emma Watson, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Aniston, Ram Dass.