The Moon in Cancer individual is one who is at home in their creature comforts. There isn't anything that makes these people happier than a warm, nurturing environment to unwind in. 

Sometimes I just want to be left alone... where did everyone go? Please come back, I didn't mean it...

Generally, this persons mother (since the moon represents the mother) was very nurturing. The type of mother who would bake your favorite pie to make you feel better... either that or she completely neglected this Cancer Moon.

In a man's chart (or in the more masculine-energied native) this represents the spouse. This represents a need to be with someone who is also a very caring person, very nurturing and understanding. In their younger years, this person can attract controlling partners. However, in it's highest energy, this person will be with someone (barring something else going on in the chart which would negate this) who will be an amazing parent and spouse - always supporting successful ventures and encouraging success for the family unit.

Keep in mind though, that these people do have high expectations for their partners and as long as they are not projecting, and working on their own self growth as well, they will most certainly attract this person into their life.

My question to you Cancer Moon is this: how can you be more vulnerable and honest in your relationships? How often do you tell your partner how you really feel versus saying something to keep the boat from rocking? Believe it or not, the more vulnerable you are in this area is the more likely that you will be with someone who truly loves and accepts you for you.

Lots of love,

Pamela xoxo

Famous People with their Moon in Cancer: Taylor Swift, Shakira, Keanu Reaves, Kurt Cobain, Heath Ledger, Robert Pattinson, Catherine - Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William - Duke of Cambridge, Drake, Gwen Stefani, Jimi Hendrix, Penelope Cruz, Sir Isaac Newton, Courtney Love, Colin Farrell, Harrison Ford, Sean Penn, Osama bin Laden, Jessica Simpson, Drew Barrymore, Janis Joplin, Pierce Brosnan, Carmen Electra, Kris Jenner, Nicole Richie, Sofia Vergara, Adam Sandler, Franklin D. Roosevelt