Moon in Libra individuals are the eternal lovers. Literally, they will love you for an eternity whether you love them back or not. In fact, they are really at their best when in a relationship. They really crave that partnership and love - and not just from anyone, oh no, from that person that they put on that massive pedestal, specifically.

On the downside, the tendency here for some sort of unrequited love situation can run high, because they love the underdog. They are drawn  to these people like a moth to a flame because a Moon in Libra person can see the beauty within others that no one else can see. It's a beautiful thing, it is one of the most beautiful qualities that I have personally experienced. 

Moon in Libra individuals love love. They love romance, they love beauty, and they innately can feel like the rest of the world just doesn't understand this view, like their relationships are never truly equal or reciprocal.

I'm totally over them - I never said I loved that person, what are you talking about?

The tendency to not always see people for who they truly are runs very high here, which is odd considering how deeply intuitive a Moon in libra person really is.

Usually this persons mother was also highly intuitive, however the Moon in Libra persons mother most likely didn't follow their own intuition when it came to their own love life, and thus, this person has learned to do the same. Trust your instincts Moon in Libra and be less concerned about judging another, and more concerned about loving yourself and trusting your gut instincts BEFORE letting people in.

Sending you love, always, but mostly when you put love into yourself first Moon in Libra (no, I will not enable you on this one :P)


Famous People with their Moon in Libra: Julius Caesar, Alec Baldwin, Anna Nicole Smith, Agatha Christie, Sinead O'Connor, Rob Kardashian, Kristen Bell, Tori Amos, Tina Fey, Dr. Dre, Maya Angelou, Claire Danes, Kate Upton, George H. W. Bush, Jane Austen, Ray Charles, Nick Cannon, Shemar Moore, Missy Elliott, Kelly Ripa, Rosario Dawson, Akon, Billy Joel, Tyler Perry