The Moon in Leo Man or Woman, is a funny feline. And by funny I mean unexpectedly ferocious. One minute you're playing "bat the yarn ball" and the next your covered in a couple of scratches... you can't quite figure out if this kitty was being passionate or trying to scar you for life.

This is exactly what I was talking about - you don't know how to treat me, I have never experienced this kind of neglect before, and all you do is complain, how about looking at the bright side of things?

They tell you with a few licks to the paw. Anyone with their Moon in Leo was born to be a leader. Sources close to the Queen (Queen Elizabeth II) say that she came out of the womb with the crown already on her head, as it was certainly the case for Mr. Sun King himself, King Louis XIV of France.

Don't let their dramatic outbursts fool you, they really love to have dramatic types of fun, almost as much as they enjoy being in front of the camera. The only time that you should really be concerned is if you weren't overwhelmingly loyal to them - wait, you didn't just say that person was BETTER than them did you? Uh oh... happy digging! You obviously don't value them if you think that anyone can top their chosen perfections.

The real deal here is this: their mother usually didn't give them the amount of attention that they craved as a child, maybe the mother was borderline narcissistic or possibly really enjoyed the spotlight (okay I'll be nicer, please forgive me). So this means that this Moon in Leo craves that deep love, that true attention, and they will do anything for the fairytale type of King/Queen relationship that their soul whispers that they WILL have one day. And, you must be their equal, and yes, they are watching your every move, your highness.

I love you for seeing the beauty inside of me, even when I don't feel beautiful, and I love you for letting me be that person for you too,

Love Pamelaxoxo

Famous people with their Moon in Leo: Mahatma Ghandi, Julia Roberts, Monica Bellucci, Tom Cruise, David Bowie, Lana Del Rey, Megan Fox, Christiano Ronaldo, Paris Hilton, Paul McCartney, Renee Zellweger, Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, Katie Holmes, Queen Elizabeth II, Chris Martin, Bruno Mars, Winston Churchill, Eva Mendes, Shia LaBeouf, King Louis XIV (The Sun King), Patrick Swayze, Liam Hemsworth