"My moon? My moon is in pieces, I mean, Pisces. No, I didn't mean to say that, you weren't listening to me... you always do this..."

The Moon in Pisces, ah yes. Let's take a look here... it's okay, I understand, we understand, yes, we do, trust me. We need you, we need your voice - your key to the portal. Yes, I believe that you hold one of the keys to other dimensions.

You keep asking why I don't love you, and I keep asking you why you don't love me - it's because we know you can see more than what you're saying and you know everything that I have never told you.

So, here we are, at a crossroads. Who will take the first step? Every time that I do, you run away, you swim so quickly. It's only when I retreat that you come back to me...

The Moon in Pisces person is more than intricate - they are creative, intuitive, deep and more than anything, extremely empathic. They see what we can't see, what maybe we don't want to see, and they are here to help us open our eyes. They are here, truly, to lead a charge to a very specific group of people, to bring these people back into unity, divine unity.

A Moon in Pisces individual cares more about deep emotional connection than sex as just an activity. They crave deep intimacy. They crave being teleported to another dimension through the experience of another person. A Moon in Pisces is at it's best when they are on a deep spiritual path, when they are awake. The craving to not be awake, can be too tough for some, and yet, we need you here. You will help to save us all. Your deep love, your vision of the light will be the guiding torch for us all.

A Moon in Pisces person might be attracted to those who they can save. This person's mother was likely either a saviour herself or needed, desperately to be saved. The bond that was created between the two in the latter could have been a feeling of need to protect the mother, to be the eyes for the mother, when she couldn't see herself.

The thing that a moon in Pisces needs the most in love is someone who is also very healing, someone who understands and appreciates those things that we can't necessarily see. Someone who values their intuition and creative abilities.

To all of my Moon in Pisces friends - I love you.

Please, for all of us, keep your head up, and your eyes open. Find your solace in meditation and those who value you, because we need your light in whatever way you choose to present it to us. You do have a mission, and it is up to you to open the doorway.

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Famous People with their Moon in Pisces:

Paul Walker, Audrey Hepburn, Martin Luther King Jr., Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Leonardo Da Vinci, Edgar Allen Poe, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Prince, Robin Williams, Che Guevara