The Moon in Virgo Man or Woman is an interesting mystery to solve. Think Sherlock Holmes, which somehow turns into the Mists of Avalon overnight.

Of course I have been waiting for you - and I know that you have been waiting for me too. You have, haven't you? Come here, put your head on my chest, I know you are tired... let me heal you.

I can't tell you how many times I have heard that "The Moon In Virgo Isn't a Happy Placement" and honestly, I know extremely happy and fulfilled individuals with their Moon in Virgo. As with any sign and any placement, the pendulum, of course swings both ways.

Anyone with their Moon in Virgo is very healing. They are some of the greatest healers I have ever encountered.

The mother in this Moon was most likely a very busy person, who demanded perfection. This created an individual who became "a perfect little soldier" that excelled in the love language of acts of service.

They might not always shower you with compliments, in fact they might even be a little critical, but don't take it personally. If that's your thing, opt for someone with a little more Leo, Libra or Taurus in their charts. This is the person who changes your tire for you when your car breaks down, the person who cleans up the messes that you make, and doesn't complain about it (although they will kid around with you about it). If that's not your thing, then this relationship might not be the best choice for you.

To my beautiful Moon in Virgo's: if you are not connected to your spirituality, you will not (in my opinion) be happy. You need a channel, a clear divine channel in order to "cleanse" the healing that you pick up in your interactions with others. Trust me on this one. I talk about this a little bit more in my video below...

Moon in Virgo: Thank you for healing me, before you even knew for sure if you would ever get it back.

Forever and always in love,