The Moon in Capricorn Man or Woman is a tough nut to crack. And because that is true - what do you think everyone wants to do? Yes, it's true, if it seems like people like to poke the bear, it is because they do. This couldn't be more evident than in your relationships, of course.

What people don't realize about you, however, is that you are not the cold, detached, and uncaring person that they think that you are. You are simply, extremely misunderstood.

Most Moon in Capricorn individuals had to grow up really quickly. Since the Moon represents the Mother, quite often this person's mother was a bit cold, and was usually off working or doing something else other than giving this child love and affection. Because of this, these people really didn't get the chance to let loose as children, and they weren't allowed to put their emotional needs first.

So it isn't that they are not emotional, it is that they were trained, usually, in some way, not to express their emotions.

However, deep down inside these are some of the most passionate people and lovers that you could ever possibly imagine... they just take a little bit longer to open up and trust people.

Not to mention, more often than not, they like to experiment in their passions and can tend to want to explore the kinkier depths of passion with the people that they really do love and trust in intimacy.

A word to the wise: there is a tendency for individuals with this placement to suppress (sometimes unknowingly) this deep and passionate nature, and if they do so, they can find themselves in deeply unsatisfying, material relationships. Material items will never satisfy your emotional needs, and so the more that you are able to get in touch and share your emotions, is the more that you will meet genuine people whom you can deeply connect with.

To my Capricorn Moon men and women: thank you for showing me what exists beyond the closet door.

Sending you love,


Famous people with their Moon in Capricorn include: Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Adolf Hitler, Amy Winehouse, Napoleon I, Ryan Gosling, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Aishwarya Rai, Gerard Butler, David Beckham, Matt Damon, Kourtney Kardashian, Abraham Lincoln, Melania Trump, Bar Rafaeli, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Osho, Cher, Liv Tyler, Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Basinger, Billie Holiday, Kate Hudson