Playing it safe vs stepping into your value

A Coaching Moment…

Playing it safe vs stepping into your value.

This is something that I used to struggle with in a very real way, and I think that it is more common for people than not. Most of my clients also bring this idea up with a lot of confusion and conflict around what it even means.

Looking valuable is not the same as feeling valuable, and we are all valuable, at our core. We all have something Unique to offer, and what I most commonly see in people that I have worked with is that at some point, they were simply told that they were not and they believed it.

I have worked with individuals that had more money than the average person could ever imagine, and yet if this person didn’t value themselves at their core, one more helicopter or Ferrari purchase didn’t actually increase what they felt they had to offer existence.

How do you increase your internal, self value so that it will magically change the results that you are seeing?

Well, of course, it is different for each individual, and yet two great Universal things that can help anyone with this are your honesty and standards.

1. How honest are you really? In “keeping the peace”, you are more likely than not, shutting down your value (not always, and in a lot of cases this can be the case). Believing that you “can’t make a difference, that your opinion doesn’t matter, and you can’t really tell people how you feel” is the complete opposite of things like creative genius, success and true love.

2. What do you allow into your life when no one else is looking? I.e. what are your standards? Since this is about our relationships with ourselves, what we allow into our space creates our reality, end of story. I especially see this in relationships – “I don’t want to be in a relationship” was what one client said to me, and what she didn’t realize was that she was in many, she just wasn’t calling them “relationships” and therefore wasn’t noticing that she was really using these labels to not look at the real problem: that she was not attracting people who treated her very well, because she was not truly deeply treating herself very well. (You are allowed to love being single by the way – that is not what I am addressing here, and this is merely one example of many).

When in doubt – ask yourself, am I really being honest here? And, if I wasn’t me, and I were someone else looking in, what does this say about my standards or the energy that I am attracting? Lastly, how can you help others and give love to those that need and value it the most throughout this, including yourself?

No matter what you do, people will have good and bad things to say about it – make sure you value your own life’s purpose in the process.

What are you ready to step into now?

Love always,