Debunking the Masculine vs Feminine Energy MYTH (PLUS: an insight to Polarity and attraction!)

That’s it – it is time to set the record straight. I have seen one too many “throw out the labels vs. you are not feminine/masculine enough” videos and it is time to clear up this myth, the myth of Feminine vs Masculine Energy.

First of all – in MOST of these videos, the very first thing that is not acknowledged is that the intent of this energy, of cultivating this energy is to create a stronger polarity between yourself and that which you intend to attract.

For example, I once had a client who wasn’t attracting the men that she wanted to attract. She wanted to be with someone who was assertive, took control and made decisions, and more so she wanted to be treated more like “a woman”.

Most “coaching” implies that she should go and find “a more masculine man” which in my opinion is completely missing the mark. In fact all of the men that she had been with were plenty masculine. The problem was that she couldn’t let go of control, assertiveness and decision making within the unions and they really never stood a chance to begin with. I am using this example because this is what this specific client wanted.

If there isn’t space for your other half to step into, then they will keep on stepping, masculine and feminine energy aside.

We ALL have BOTH. We all have masculine energy and we all have feminine energy.

We are all ENOUGH.

IF, we want to attract a certain thing, then we must delve deeper into the opposite polarity, or decide on something else – and this is purely from the standpoint of raw attraction.


IF you want to remove blocks to your own femininity or masculinity, then yes, please, do so and I am an expert at helping do that so that they can truly attract what they want to attract (Book a One-On-One Coaching Session with me Here).

AND you already are masculine, you already are feminine, you may simply have blocks which are not allowing you to truly attract the opposite which you crave.

Masculine women are beautiful, feminine women are beautiful, masculine men are beautiful, feminine men are beautiful, and we are all part of the same whole.

Yes, we generally use one of the energies a little bit more depending on our environment, and we still all have both.

We all deserve love, and we are all perfect right now, and if you want to continue to grow, or deepen, then the door is open and it is your choice to step inside and there is no right or wrong about it.

Much love,