How to increase sperm count in men

There are many natural ways to increase sperm count in men. Your mind and body are more powerful than you might recognize and in order to increase sperm count, you must make sure that these things are in an optimal state of health. (Of course you must also rule out any underlying medical conditions first, to be safe).

Have you been absorbing the right minerals and nutrients in your diet? Since pesticide use is a huge contributor to an increase of low sperm count in men, a diet which is right in organic, whole, fruits and vegetables. Zinc, and Vitamin C are absolutely vital in the production of healthy sperm in men.

Be very weary of the radiation which your cellphone and laptop and other electronics emit, as they have shown to decrease sperm count and effect the DNA structures of some of the remaining sperm.

I also believe in the power of the mind – the unconscious mind. Hypnotherapy helps you to connect with your deep and powerful unconscious mind so that you can discover the blocks which are not enabling you to raise your own sperm count, reduce stress, and live a healthier life. If you would like to book a one-on-one coaching session with me, please click here.

Here is an amazing article with specifics with regards to herbs that you can take as well: 

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