This beautiful painting is called "The Birth of Venus", (1875) created by the famous Venus in Libra artist named Alexandre Cabanel - Napoleon III's preferred painter. Venus, which rules Libra, could not have been captured in a more beautiful form, and the painting was so beautiful that it was purchased by Napoleon III for his private collection. The ability to bring such beauty and fantasy to life was something that this Libra Sun and Venus in Libra artist was well known for. This piece of art was created the same year that "Olympia" by Manet was created (Which I mention in the Venus in Aquarius Section), both featuring a naked female body. Manet's was condemned and looked down upon by many, while Cabanel became famous for creating such beauty. The use of light, fairytale invoking pastels, creates the feeling of the ethereal versus what was seen as the "crude". The difference between a concubine (the view of Manet's piece) and a Goddess (The Birth of Venus), is simply the beauty, the story and the idol created in the second. Not to mention the skill and precision in evoking a true feeling of beauty versus exposure - something a Venus in Libra understands very well. Any Venus in Libra man or woman knows that you can expose the worst parts of yourself, but why would you want to? That would ruin the romance.

Venus in Libra - the ultimate romantics. The presentation is just as important as the gift inside of it.

I know exactly what you're thinking right now...

And trust me, they do. These people can charm the pants off of anyone, mainly because they really do seem to know what everyone is thinking - especially when it comes to love and being charmed.

Wait a minute, where are my pants, anyways? Damnit.

These Casanova's will have you believing in Twin Flame reunions before you can say "cheque please".

The real secret to a Venus in Libra man or woman  is that they like class, fairness, sass with a good amount of dependability. And they won't settle for any less - oh no they won't. When in doubt, overfill the romance bucket and you can work on the other qualities as you go (just don't let them suspect anything).

Politeness and decency rule here, and one foul comment will have the door hitting your behind with these people.

A man (or masculine energied individual) with their Venus in Libra, loves beautiful people and things. He is amazing at making you absolutely swoon for him.

A woman (or more feminine individual) with their Venus in Libra is beauty and love in the things that she sets out to accomplish. She is a firm believer in justice, and will stand for what she believes in. She needs a partner who can match her commitment to beauty, expectations and romance.

Both of these individuals are quick to let people in, but slow to truly let them touch the centre of their being.

I love my Venus in Libra individuals, and thank you for being here with me.