This featured painting was created by Paul Cézanne, who had his Venus in Aquarius. The painting is called Olympia. Paul Cézanne took an already risqué painting and made it even more bold and daring. His version of Olympia received a lot of scorn, and took something that was already inappropriate for the time and added another level of inappropriateness to it. It pictures a woman of high status posing naked - not something for a woman of that stature to do. This painting is a response to the original "Olympia" by Edouard Manet (A Venus in Sagittarius artist), which was intended to be a classic. At the time in France, it was much more acceptable to paint Biblical scenes, and not something showing a real woman - flaws and all on complete display, not hiding anything. In this version by Paul Cézanne, he has also added a male spectator (which some say looks like him), and a curtain to represent a stage. Tapping into the vein of art for sexual expression, and leading into something much more exhibitionistic and experimental than a simple bed. This highlights the qualities of a Venus in Aquarius man or woman very much, taking what is learned from the Sagittarius and upping it up a notch or two.

"I could paint for a hundred years, a thousand years without stopping and I would still feel as though I knew nothing."

-Paul Cezanne

The Venus in Aquarius Man or Woman

But just last week you said that everything was okay, and now you're saying that you feel like we need to do something more exciting? Why can't you just be happy with one thing?

Yes, the Venus in Aquarius Man or Woman is a rebel in love. They love to have many relationships, and from each one they gain something more valuable than you or I could ever imagine - insights and learning that the average bear would simply gloss over.

With a Venus in Aquarius, no stone is left unturned, and yet no stone ever really gets touched. They see everything in love, without having to see it. This can be great, and it can also not be the best thing. Knowing so much can certainly feel like a blessing and a curse.

The key to understanding these individuals is knowing that they value their space, and they need to be in environments that are always changing and as cutting-edge as possible. This goes for love and it goes for their work and/or creative environments as well.

For a man, or masculine energied individual, with their Venus in Aquarius, this represents an instant attraction to women or feminine energied individuals that go against the herd in everything that they do - someone who really marches to the beat of their own drum and owns it.

For a woman, or more feminine energied individual, having their Venus in Aquarius means that they feel best when they are standing in their difference, when they are cherished for their uniqueness and their revolutionary ways of looking at love, life and creativity are valued for their true genius.

To all of my beautiful Venus in Aquarius people, thank you for teaching me to let go and "let God", if you will. I will never look at love in the same way again, and I am eternally grateful.

Lovingly, forever,