Pierre-Auguste Renoir was an artist with his Venus in Aries. This picture "The Large Bathers" 1887, features his wife Aline Victorine Charigot in the centre. As you can see, she has a full body and is proudly curvaceous compared to the other women, and anyone with their Venus in Aries prefers a full, strong figure. Even though the other women are oblivious to the spectator, Mme Charigot has a playful glance toward the viewers direction, creating an openness within a closed setting with backs turned towards us. This represents the Venus in Aries willingness to chase, the ability to notice even the slightest window of opportunity - the gaze that everyone else missed is the best part of the romance to a Venus in Aries man or woman. Renoir was also well known for getting together with other artists, including Monet and other artists, to create the first Impressionist exhibit after facing rejection from the Salon at the time (in April of 1874 source: Wikepedia). As you know, April is of course Aries season, and also a man or woman with their Venus in Aries gets things done - these are not the people who create art just for the sake of creating art. They create art, or pursue for a specific purpose, which is exactly why they are so great at accomplishing their goals. While others may shy away saying "well I enjoyed creating this anyways" a Venus in Aries says "no, this was my intention and I will not stop until that is fulfilled by this or something even better." 

“One must from time to time attempt things that are beyond one's capacity.” 
― Pierre-Auguste Renoir

The Venus in Aries Man or Woman

Venus in Aries Men and Women are a force to be reckoned with. And quite frankly, the only person that they will date, and enjoy dating, is just as much of a force as they are.

You're mine.

That's right, most Venus in Aries individuals want to own you, but not just any "you" the prized, wild stallion version of you. The version of you that they can hold onto for a minute, and then have to go out and chase once again. Essentially, things which they can never truly own really get them going. (I know, I let the secret out, sorry!)

If the Zombie Apocalypse ever broke out, I would definitely make sure to find a Venus in Aries and recruit them to my tribe. "You watch the front, I'll watch the back" I'd say, because you never "ask" a Venus in Aries to do something for you. You either tell them (because you're doing the same) or seduce them into it, which is by far a much more temporary solution. God forbid they find something more seductive while in the bush - let's just hope they remembered their promise...

The one thing I will say about this placement is that they really don't put the most planning into the things that they do, nor do they consider the consequences, which can make for a dynamite entrepreneur, creator of some kind in it's highest form. In the lower form, well, I'm sure you can put that one together yourself - think untamed wildebeest. Hey now, if you can't handle the heat, you should get out of the kitchen!

Venus in Aries men and women are amazing protectors, and they have phenomenal stamina. They love adventures that involve a healthy amount of sweating.

Venus in Aries men (more masculine individuals) are attracted to women (more feminine individuals) that look great without makeup, just out of the shower, or just in their workout gear. Thick, strong, powerful legs are also very appealing to these people, although they do love the soft feminine look as well.

Venus in Aries women (more feminine individuals) are attracted to men (more masculine individuals) that are protective and athletic machines. They love extremely masculine men/individuals. These women are always up for a heavy dose of competition.

All Venus in Aries individuals are in it to win it folks, so step aside.