This featured painting is by the famous Venus in Sagittarius artist named Claude Monet and it is called "La Japonaise". At the time that this was painted (1876), Paris was going through a time of Japanese cultural influence and interest. This interest in the beauty of different cultures is something that is appreciated by anyone with their Venus in Sagittarius. In order to properly convey an authentic feel, Monet had to study the Japanese Art style so that he could create something realistic. Not to mention, that painting a full figure like this one was not an easy task. This painting was indeed, a challenge, but challenges are exactly what any Venus in Sagittarius man or woman lives for. This painting features Claude Monet's wife, Camille, wearing a blonde wig. This shows diversity within the same and diversity within the other. Trying new things without changing the core of who you are, and this idea of beautiful immortality. And not just any immortality, one which includes all of the things which you love most, including some playfulness, diversity, new experiences, challenges and fun. It is said that Claude Monet was unfaithful to his wife with his second wife Alice Hoschedé, even though Camille was his beautiful muse. Camille Monet passed away in 1879, and after a deep bought of depression, he married Alice Hoschedé, who was so jealous of his prior relationship with Camille that she destroyed most of their photos together. It is not uncommon for someone with their Venus in Sagittarius to reflect on past relationships and wish they had done things differently. This is because they are always moving so quickly forward, that they don't always realize the impermanence of the moment. Their powerful intuitions quite often happen after the fact, and when they do, they can be even more vivid than the actual moment itself. This sign also has a bit of a habit of wanting want they can't have in a way, but once they resolve this they are able to truly prosper in their relationships.

"Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love."

- Claude Monet

The Venus in Sagittarius man or woman is not an easy catch. In fact the best way to lure them in is to not lure them at all. You're much better off by putting on your running shoes and going for a sexy, adventurous run in another direction... hopefully they will get curious and follow you in there.

I don't understand, just last week you told me that you love me, you told me that you want to marry me? What do you mean you still do?! I thought you were breaking up with me?

Yeah, please, for all of our sakes, don't you ever let a Venus in Sagittarius Man or Woman lead you along the yellow brick road, because that road of empty promises does not lead to the wizard.

Instead, you better let them follow you into your sugar patch. If you notice that they catch another scent along the way, well, my advice is to just keep going and pretend that you didn't even notice. They will probably wonder why you never came looking for them and magically show up beside you in a month or two. If they don't show up with dinner in hand, keep on walking.

Venus in Sagittarius Man or Woman is looking for adventure. They are looking for their Twin Flame and they will make sure that they get it, even if it's just for a weekend.

Okay, okay, you don't want me to be painting the picture that I'm painting, now do you? Here is the thing: anyone with their Venus in Sagittarius is a God-send when they love you, and when they don't, they simply don't want to "waste" all of their "commitment energy" on someone who isn't their True Love, their one and only.

If you are the lucky other half, then congratulations! You are one of the lucky ones. There are many fallen soldiers before you and you definitely deserve a medal, or a Pulitzer Prize or something... (come on, have a good laugh with me).

But seriously now, a Venus in Sagittarius Man (or someone with more dominant masculine energy) wants to be with someone who is fun, and adventurous. They want to be with someone of the more feminine energy, or a woman, who loves to learn, that has a great sense of humour and can roll with whatever life brings her way. Most importantly, he wasnts to make sure that he knows the truth within her, that no one else knows.

Venus in Sagittarius Woman, or feminine energied person, is fun, is adventurous, is honest and trustworthy - when she is younger, maybe a little bit too much so, and then once she gets older she realizes the skill and art of love and relationships. She is also looking for her equal, and will stand for nothing less than an honest journey leading towards a place that makes her a better, more evolved person.

Sex for these individuals is more sport than deep connection (although look at the rest of the chart as well). So, please don't take their sex as any sort of commitment or meaning of love. The love of a Venus in Sagittarius is in their actions and their honesty with you. If they tell you their deep dark secrets, you are in the running, and if not, then you're not.

Are you in love with a sexy Venus in Sagittarius individual? Do you have your Venus in Sagittarius?

Loving you through every single adventure,