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Orgasmic Reawakening Podcast Episode # 4 ONE Question You Need To Ask To Live An Epic Life

If you want to truly begin to live an epic, pleasure filled life, you need to ask yourself this ONE question… Asking yourself this question will help you realign to your true purpose and I also address overcoming numbness and the feeling of being stuck in life in order to reclaim your power and pleasure. […]

Orgasmic Reawakening Podcast Episode # 3 What Is YOUR Divine Initiation? Your Purpose In Life Explained – The Awakened Aphrodite

Your purpose in life and your soul’s true purpose are one in the same. So often I see that people are deeply disconnected to this truth, it is almost as if they have separated these things in their mind. It is almost as if their soul is this separate entity that is living out this […]

New Year Free Meditation 2018 is YOUR Year of Success, Love, Manifestation & Abundance

New Year Meditation 2018 is YOUR Year of Success, Love, Manifestation & Abundance

Are you looking to make sure that 2018 and every other year is the best year ever? My gift to you is this amazing meditation. In this powerful, guided meditation, I help you let go of the past and step into the present and future. You will receive amazing suggestions to attract love and loving […]

Venus in Virgo Meaning for Men & Women or Masculine/Feminine Energied Individuals

This painting by Venus in Virgo artist Edgar Germaine Hilaire Degas is called “After the Bath, Woman drying herself”, was one of his pieces within the series named “Suite of female nudes, bathing, washing, drying themselves, wiping themselves, combing their hair or having their hair combed”. His work brought on a lot of criticism, and he […]