Orgasmic Reawakening Podcast Episode # 2 How To Bring Someone To Their Knees In Pleasure

In this Episode of the Orgasmic Reawakening podcast, we will be talking about how to give someone so much pleasure that they can barely even handle it.

Yum, yum, yum. The key to being an amazing lover is to be able to equally give and receive so much pleasure. If you want to be good in bed or to be valued as a deeply sexually powerful being, then you need to understand that people experience pleasure in similar and also different ways.

Some people like light or heavy touch, some people like penetration more or less than others and some people need to be spoken to and encouraged, while others prefer less of that.

You need to have the confidence to ask you partner what they desire in sex and you equally need to have the confidence to ask them what drives them wild, or what turns them on.

When you have sexual power, you feel radiant, confident and truly magical. Have you experienced this? Let me know.

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