3 Reasons Spiritual People Can’t Find Love & WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT!!!

All of my clients are spiritual in some way or another and because of that, and after years of helping them find love, get married or rekindle a relationship, it became clear to me that there were 3 main things that they all had in common when they couldn’t find or keep love. In this video I will tell you what those 3 things are AND where you need to begin to overcome them… When you are spiritual and you can’t find love or keep love it is one of the worst feelings… because it can feel like you aren’t manifesting properly or like you missed the wave, and I am here to tell you that that’s not what is happening… Seeing signs, feeling hopeful – seeing that 444 twin flame flashing everywhere does not mean anything if you don’t know HOW to find love. In Astrology, you can see qualities of your future spouse, you can see the people you will date and never marry AND that does not mean anything if you do not realize these 3 key things that could be preventing you from finding love if you are a spiritual person. THE GOOD NEWS is that once you learn and understand how to transform these habits that keep you from love, spiritual people really end up having the best relationships. It becomes easy to attract your twin flame or soulmate when you know how to truly combine attraction with action to get what you desire. This is something that I help people to do and it isn’t easy but it is so worth it. You will look back at your life and wonder how you didn’t figure it out sooner. Watch the video to find out the 3 Reasons Spiritual People Can’t Find Love & WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT!!! So much love, The Awakened Aphrodite xx