How do you CONNECT????

Your ability to connect is one of your deepest assets. This inability to connect is something that is sadly running rampant in our society, and it is wreaking absolute havoc.

Connect, connect to what? Your connection to yourself, of course, which leads to your connection to everyone and everything.

What you feel, and what you don’t begins with your life experiences. To one person, the sight of a newspaper reminds them of quiet solace, and to another it looks like something to inflict pain.

Yes, forgive me, but it is true.

And so how do you change this? Because the sooner that you feel more pleasure, is the sooner that you are deeply connected.

In an example like the one above, hypnotherapy is extremely effective in changing those neural pathways to suit what you want.

In terms of what you can do on your own, you are looking at a slow, but steady process of bringing deep feeling and pleasure back into your world.

The more time that you spend connected to the good in the world, the better. That means good people, good food, good physical activity and interaction and good experiences.

As Tony Robbins talks about, the quickest way to get into this positive feeling state is by 1) Changing your physiology and

2) Giving back to others.

In the video below, I talk connection and your dopamine and oxytocin releases. I also talk about Facebook, Porn and disconnection. Enjoy!