Venus Awakening

I felt this awakening in my soul this morning, and I didn’t know what it was at first. A softening, an opening a brush with the divine. It felt like pure joy, like pure love. Everything today looked a little brighter, even though it was raining. I could see the flowers and the plants drinking in the nourishment as opposed to “just seeing rain and clouds”. Everything that I taste in this moment makes my tastebuds dance, everything that I feel right now feels like it was made just for me and my own enjoyment.

I hear a little voice inside of me that says “do what you want to do and everyone else will feel the love,” and that is exactly what I a, doing right now, right this very moment.

I am in love… I have been graced by the spell of Venus and I am going to stay here forever.

How do you induce your own love spell? Look to Venus, look to where and what it rules in your Birth Chart and you will see the key.

What will make the Divine Goddess Aphrodite raise out of the sea just so see you, to touch you, to be one with you?

Venus holds the key.

The Siren has been calling to us for a very long time – only in this lifetime it is the real deal. It is the calling that we have always dreamt of, the calling of awakening to something more beautiful than we ever could have imagined.

What do we do now?

Tonight, we celebrate, together, in love.

Love always,