Jean-Honoré Fragonard was an artist with his Venus in Taurus. This painting - "Las bañistas" or "The Bathers" 1765 - shows all of the beauty which is held in an individual with this placement. The ability to combine love with a grounding backdrop, incorporating a fullness from every natural element, including the human body is what a Venus in Taurus Man or Woman specializes in. Romance and love are what these people are made of. Taking something erotic and making it soft and romantic, but not too rigid was a skill that Fragonard added effortlessly to his artwork here. He was one of the chosen painters for Louis XV's most beautiful mistress named Mme du Barry, so true to Venus in Taurus form. Any Venus in Taurus values true beauty above all, and wants to experience beauty and loves in all of the realms in a way which touches all of the senses. This is an extremely creative placement and the true gift of any Venus in Taurus man or woman is the ability to bring this feeling of love to the world in creative ways. They are also excellent gift givers, and love receiving gifts as well.


The Venus in Taurus man or woman is a sign of deep, strong, consistent love. They think that their hedonistic tendencies are a big secret that no one knows about, but let's face it, they're not. Venus in Taurus individuals are not exactly the best at hiding things, unless of course you really are not good at picking up obvious hints yourself.

What do you mean? I give you love all of the time.

When the touching stops, the red flags should also start waving loudly. The Venus in Taurus knows how to romance better than most, and so to know if they are truly in love with you, you must really look at how they treat you and your body. Do they share with you? Do they treat you like you are beautiful/handsome? If so, then you're in luck. If not, then this might not be true love.

Flowers, gifts, and good food. Nothing beats being spoiled by someone with their Venus in Taurus.

Were you flirting with someone else? These people will not tolerate that kind of disrespect. They view their intimate partners as their property, or in the very least as a representation of who they are. Don't ever make a Venus in Taurus feel like you are not really "theirs" otherwise, I can guarantee that they will start to wander away from the relationship, oh-so subtly.

They love love and they love being able to trust you. They love being valued and being with people who value themselves as well. A Venus in Taurus man or woman really wants to feel like they won the relationship lottery. They love showing off the ones that they love, and the better that you make them look is the more that they will pledge their allegiance to you.

A man/more masculine individual with their Venus in Taurus wants to be with a woman who is feminine, and strong. Someone who cares about quality, not quantity in every aspect of her life.

A woman/more feminine individual with their Venus in Taurus wants to be with a man who they can't take advantage of, someone who is a strong, steady force to be reckoned with. Someone who can do more than just take care of them - someone who really takes that idea to the next level.

Champagne and bubble bath time? I think so.

To my Venus in Taurus people: thank you for teaching me what my value is, and that pampering isn't pampering at all - it's the bare minimum.

Sending you love always,