The featured painting is by an Artist with his Venus in Pisces, of course the famous Vincent van Goh. This painting is called "Starry Night" and it clearly shows the creative (Venusian) influence of Pisces here, with the uplifted way of seeing the dark. Even though it is painted in a theme of darkness and night, it is actually quite light, bright and hopeful. It is also asking the viewer to look up, and all around, just as a Venus in Pisces does. It of course brings elements of the celestial into it, and it stands out as not looking like the other paintings of it's time - which contributed to it's fame of course. The warm lighting in this image seeks to bring warmth to the otherwise cold. The idea of this painting is that the tree itself is pointing to the heavens, where there is true love - a deep connection to faith, resurrection and religion. To Vincent van Goh, in typical Venus in Pisces fashion, this image also represented eternity. As well, the image and interpretation is not clear at first glance, you must study it and find it's symbolism to fully understand it's meaning - just like getting to know a Venus in Pisces man or woman. (The church spire and cypress tree both point to the heavens, one representing man, the other representing faith/belief/religion. They are both painted in black, showing an innate connection between the two, standing strong in the darkness, being surrounded by the light of the heavens.)

“I paint as a means to make life bearable.” 
― Van Goh

The Venus in Pisces Man or Woman

You can see my future when we make love? That can't be true...

It's only true when they don't tell you about it - as least that what the old Wizard told me.

My beautiful Venus in Pisces Men and Women, or Masculine/Feminine Individuals... Ah, yes... that deep love, that is, IF you ever get there. You might think that you're there, and you might actually not be.

Hey, now, I'm just the messenger. If you are there, you will always have deeper to go, because the depth of this Venus placement is never ending. And, I don't always mean in a deep, swallow-you-up kind of way, just more of like a never-ending river or ocean, that is like the escape that you've been waiting for, until you upset it.

***Cue Hurricane

The way to upset the Venus in Pisces individual is of course in love, or their individual purpose/fulfillment. If you aren't in those areas, then they probably won't be interacting with you very much anyways. They generally like to keep their friend circle very, very small (depending on the rest of their chart, of course).

They love to save people, and they love the feeling of being connected to spirit... (I elaborate on this in my video below).

In a man's chart, or the more masculine person's chart, Venus represents the type of woman/feminine energy they are instantly attracted to, and in this case, it is someone who is intuitive, and sees life in a way that is different from the norm. It could be someone who helps this Venus in Pisces grow spiritually, and is most likely a deep, romantic lover.

In a woman's chart, or the more feminine person's chart, this represents how they are in love, and also, a hidden "thing" that they are attracted to, or step into themselves. This Venus in Pisces wants to be in spiritual unions, and they are always growing, always changing. They really want to make sure that they trust you, before they let you in.

These are some of the most forgiving people that I have ever met. Venus in Pisces is an extremely forgiving placement, and they can always tell whether or not your intentions are pure in any situation. They can also identify what is going to happen in their relationships before that thing happens, the only trouble is that they don't always listen to this intuition.

To my beautiful Venus in Pisces  individuals: thank you for saving me from the underbelly of the world, I don't know what I would have done without you.

Forever in love,