This image is a recreation of the original painting by Venus in Leo artist  Jacques-Louis David and it is called "Mars desarme par Venus" (Mars Being Disarmed by Venus). In typical Venus in Leo style, it is massive in size, standing at about 10 feet high - there is no way that you could walk by without noticing it and being lured into it's appreciation. To model Venus, he used a famous actress by the name of Marie Lesueur, adding a chosen element of identity to the piece even before it's completion. Also, with a touch of drama he included as a model, the mistress of  William II of the Netherlands. This painting which is almost as big as a stage itself, is an example of creating a true visual production without the need of a curtain man to begin the show itself. A Venus in Leo can shine the creative spotlight all by themselves, and they can usually do it much better than those who are seemingly more well equipped for such a thing. Jacques-Louis David was famous in the Neoclassical Era, and because he had so many students, his work and style became extremely influential. He is also known for going on a hunger strike after failing to win an award for his paintings - a Venus in Leo that doesn't get what they want will make sure that you take notice. "Mars Being Disarmed by Venus" was the last of his paintings which he finished shortly before his death. In this, he also depicts this idea of the beauty of Venus and her followers, aiding her in disarming a powerful man, and in his enamoured state, he is happy to oblige. A natural skill for anyone with this placement is shown here quite beautifully.

Here kitty kitty... Oh, what do we have here? A Venus in Leo Man or Woman loves to be lured into the spotlight. A true TV worthy romance is what they are looking for. Did you meet them while walking down the street? Unless someone was saving the other from imminent danger, they might have to switch up your "how we met" story - that's IF you make it that far with that type of life entrance.

You really should have known better...

Mess with a Venus in Leo man or woman and they will never let you in again. Oh, but they will keep you around, unlike a Venus in Scorpio who wouldn't dream of it. You see, a Venus in Leo, is a kitty that likes to dangle the carrot, just a little bit, to remind you of what you didn't appreciate. AKA who doesn't like a fan club?

On the outside looking in, this individual looks like they are not exactly the most faithful - how can they be when they are always surrounded by red rose glasses wearing "friends"? Well, surprise surprise, when they do love you, they are actually one of the most faithful and loyal partners. Who would have guessed?

Even though a Venus in Leo seems to put as all to shame with their love interests, secretly, they can feel quite lonely at times - as if they are the ones who have to do everything. This wave of boredom, luckily doesn't last long and as soon as they get dressed up and reconnect with loved ones, they start to feel much better.

These people love the spotlight, and the spotlight is where they belong. Have you been feeling down lately my lovely Venus in Leo? Put yourself back out there and take off whatever someone else tried to put on you in order to dull your glimmer - life is too short for all of that.

A man/masculine energied individual with his Venus in Leo loves someone who truly values him, and who shines with or without him there. Even still, this partner is smart enough to know when to hold the spotlight and when to stand under it themselves. #sharingiscaring #loyalfelinesapply

A woman/feminine energied individual with her Venus in Leo is at home in her creative endeavours, when she gets to call the shots to make the masterpiece come together. She is gifted at making people feel like they are truly loved and part of a community. This is the friend you can always come to for advice - that is, as long as you actually take it and thank her later.

Do you live for whips, chains and closet surprises? Unless you're talking about a romantic merry-go-round in Paris, you'd better date another sign. (Don't forget the chocolate and compliments). This sign is much more about the romance, the loyalty, the love, and the lead-up than any sort of kink.

My Venus in Leo's - thank you for flirting with me on days when I really didn't feel pretty at all, and I know you knew it. You always know how to make someone feel so good.

Sending love always,