This painting by Venus in Virgo artist Edgar Germaine Hilaire Degas is called "After the Bath, Woman drying herself", was one of his pieces within the series named "Suite of female nudes, bathing, washing, drying themselves, wiping themselves, combing their hair or having their hair combed". His work brought on a lot of criticism, and he was known for leaving imperfections like creasing on the actual finished artwork, because he believed it added to the overall piece. The perfection within imperfection is a lesson that a Venus in Virgo understands better than anyone else. As critical as others were about Edgar Germaine Hilaire Degas's work, no one was as critical about it as he was.

“No art was ever less spontaneous than mine. What I do is the result of reflection and study of the great masters; of inspiration, spontaneity, temperament. . . . I know nothing.” —Edgar Germaine Hilaire Degas 

A Venus in Virgo man or woman is not known for their spontaneity in love, and they are searching for perfection. Degas had no interest in painting nature scenes, and preferred instead to paint women. Since Venus in Virgo is representative of the Madonna, the Virgin in all of it's natural glory, this makes perfect sense. Not wanting to be in the spotlight, but still wanting to be seen and appreciated in their imperfections, is also a Venus in Virgo quality that is reflected in these pieces by Degas.  

The Venus in Virgo man or woman is a bit of a puzzle, I will admit. Or maybe more like a maze? Yes, a maze. An intricate maze, where each time you think you are at the centre, you notice that the centre has actually seemed to have shifted.

Let's call the Venus in Virgo the Labyrinth, shall we?

Sometimes, it doesn't feel like you are deeply in love with me. Almost like you would be okay if I never even existed.

Don't let the Venus in Virgo man or woman's seeming detachment fool you - it's almost completely a front. This little thing that says "you don't want to enter the labyrinth, not really... do you?"

Although I must warn you that before you go any further, that it may or may not be a labyrinth that you do want to enter and I will tell you now how you know whether this Venus in Virgo really a prince/princess in waiting, or a goblin waiting to take you to their secret hideaway...

They love themselves.

Yes, that is the secret. They love themselves, they are healthy, they treat themselves well. Anyone with their Venus in Virgo who deeply disdains themselves is really no fun at all, whereas the best Venus in Virgo individuals are quite literally like the love saviour that you've been waiting for your entire life.

The reason for this is the fact that they, more than anyone, project their inner feelings onto you. Their health woes are at the top of that list (yes, mental health as well). If they are so deeply in love, then that is what you are stepping into, and if they are not, well, you get the idea.

A woman, or the more feminine energied individual, needs to put the healthiest things into her body, mind and soul. She also has a grounded healing space within her, that feels so nice to be around.

A man, or the more masculine energied individual needs that healthy breath of fresh air. The woman/feminine energy who understands the power of her sexuality, but doesn't feel the need to wear it on her sleeve. A more reserved, hint in her eye that tells you that there is more to this fairytale, but you must pass through the thorns first.

Both a man or woman with their Venus in Virgo is quite guarded and can tend to unravel more and more, the more that they are sure they can truly trust you... that you are REALLY a safe, grounding space for them and for a healthy relationship to grow into. They also want to make sure that you are just as strong as they are, and they will test you in this department. "Yes" men or women need not apply for this position.

To my Venus in Virgos, you never have to say a word, and even still, I feel more loved around you than I do around the most "outwardly" loving people, because around you, I know that your "challenges" are tests to see if I will stand in my own brilliance, and that is why we love and respect each other so dearly. I, your willing "testee", and you, my skilled tester, and together, we carve an even deeper path.

Lovingly always,