Pornocrates, 1896 was painted by Venus in Gemini man and artist Félicien Rops. This piece was seen as extremely taboo and had many hidden meanings within it - a common theme for Venus in Gemini. The woman, being led blindly by a pig with a golden tail is meant to represent women being blindly led by their sexuality, the hog representing man. In one hand it can be seen as an insult and in the other it can almost be seen as an homage being paid to the unspoken. The Venus in Gemini is not afraid to speak about and address the things in the realm of love that no one else will, and is willing to try things for experience sake. A Venus in Gemini individual like Félicien Rops is unafraid of how their their passion might be construed to others, and cares much more about bringing about and experimenting with controversy than following the status quo. Any move forwards is better than slowly floating to a Venus in Gemini, and even their insult provoke a look deeper into what is being said. The three winged beings in the background depict three lost loves, flying away in disbelief, as the blindfolded woman wearing only a plume, boots, silk gloves and a ribbon continues on this journey. It is very common for someone with their Venus in Gemini to have ex-lovers who keep track of them to some degree later on, mainly just because they are so hard to figure out. It should also be noted that this Venus in Gemini artist, Félicien Rops, lived with and married two sisters - an unconventional relationship which he was able to pull off with ease. Obviously, this won't be true for all people with their Venus in Gemini, however, generally speaking this is a placement of diversity, and they are more able to pull off things in love that others would not.

"Whenever the pain becomes too much, I saddle my horse and disappear in the forest... silent as desire, silent as myself. For I am not the cheerful gentleman with whom you are acquainted. Within this body is imprisoned a soul like a half-starved tiger in an iron cage, bellowing out its dreadful passions. All men seem mean and pretty to me, ingloriously lewd, travelling salesmen with their second-rate eroticism!" - Félicien Rops

The Venus in Gemini Man or Woman

Venus in gemini

Riddle me this, riddle me that, is a Venus in Gemini man or woman really who and what they appear to be? Ha! They got you didn't they? The answer is that no, they are not. In fact somewhere in the world right now, I am sure that there is a young, eager Venus in Gemini man or woman changing their mind right this very moment.

But that is what I want - that is all that I think about. Why don't you believe me?

Yes, it's true, that is all that they were thinking of - with one of their minds 🙂 Their other mind, however is their private mind, and it is really none of any one else's business - sometimes not even their own.

A Venus in Gemini man or woman connects through the mind, and the spirit. The only way that you will be connected to both of their minds is when you have both of these connection in place. Without the spirit, the mind will only take you so far here, my friend.

They cast their spell of love through both of these minds as well. Can't stop thinking about them and don't know why? That's because they act swiftly and unconsciously. It's much harder to get over a relationship where you can fully and completely be yourself versus one where you had to pretend.

With a Venus in Gemini, there is no pretending. You can finally be who you truly are, and the more that you do so is the more that they love you.

A man/more masculine individual with their Venus in Gemini is attracted to the feminine energy that is creative, independent and does what she wants to do. Someone who most definitely doesn't have a plan, and you're lucky if you can keep her attention for long.

A woman/more feminine individual with their Venus in Gemini is deeply intuitive and creative. She lures you in with her genius and her amazing sense of humour. Her quirky ideas are always exciting and being with her makes you feel alive again.

To all of my Venus in Gemini individuals, thank you for showing me how to really live on the edge and discover love through my mind and spirit, and leave what I am expected to do in the dust.

Keep rocking my world,