This featured painting is by a Venus in Capricorn artist named William Blake and it is titled "Lot and His Daughters Butlin". William Blake was said to be fascinated by the supernatural. Some said he was mad after painting an image ("The Ghost of a Flea, c1819-20") based on something he had seen while trying to summon spirits. This painting above, however, ("Lot and His Daughters Butlin") depicts one of the most shocking stories in the Bible. Lot, living in Sodom with his wife and two daughters, allows to Angels disguised as travellers to stay with them. An angry mob of Sodomites soon surround the house, and demand that he hand over the Angels, and instead he offers to send out his two daughters. The connection here to Venus in Capricorn can be seen in the acknowledgement of deep and utter darkness in something that is supposed to be light. This idea of "love is sacrifice", or "love can be a transaction" is something that a relates to Venus in the sign of Capricorn. This was not a popular story to paint, as you could imagine, and yet, William Blake (an extremely religious man) decided to show the other side of love - "the whole picture", if you will. This idea that love doesn't just come easily, it is hard work and sacrifice, and it should be known as such before entering into an agreement is what stands out here. In this story as well, Lot's wife was instructed to not look back on the city of Sodom, which she did not obey and as a result she turned to salt. Again, this idea of not following the rules, having agreements in love that you must follow or face the consequences is something that a Venus in Capricorn man or woman understands deeply. The image above shows the moment that they found refuge in a cave, in a city called Zoar. 

"In the universe, there are things that are known, and things that are unknown, and in between, there are doors."

- William Blake

The Venus in Capricorn Man or Woman

What does it mean when a man or woman has their Venus in Capricorn, you ask? It means that they are full of secrets that dare to be opened - beware of what you will discover.

I really didn't think it was necessary to tell you that - can we please talk about something else?

Yes, the closer you get, the more they close off, however, when you let them open up organically, it becomes pure magic. (As long as you're into the fine wine getting better with time thing, otherwise a Venus in Capricorn might not be for you).

Quite often these individuals meet their significant others through work, and if not through work, then they make a great business partner and lover.

Anyone with their Venus in Capricorn is attracted to stability and assets. Now, now, I encourage you to embrace this. If you yourself are a successful, driven person (as are most Venus in Capricorns), then of course, be one with attracting someone who matches you. And if you are not, I ask you to look into this, because as a Venus in Capricorn man or woman, being successful is what makes you feel love. Remember, success is also in the eye of the beholder, and you must believe that you are successful before you step into it, truly.

A Woman (or feminine energied person) with their Venus in Capricorn is like a vault... a very mysterious vault, that once opened, grants you access to something akin to a sex dungeon. Only, if you hold the key of course. Successful people with a purpose can apply at the gates.

A Man (or masculine energied person) with their Venus in Capricorn is a bit more like a cave with a beast outside, guarding it. The more you probe, the more it resists. However, if you light a fire and kick back with it and endow them with your sexy business savvy, you will have soon gained their trust. Just don't tell them what to do - they would rather be the one to throw you over their shoulder and take you into the cave.

Both Venus in Capricorn men and women are a bit kinky, in my experience, and they really do want to be with "the one". This may happen later in age - as it does take them a bit longer to master the art of love, vulnerability and relationships. They fear making bad, emotional decisions, and like to incorporate a good amount of "logic" into their life choices - at least the ones they tell YOU about. (Just saying).

I love you my sexy Venus in Capricorns,

Always in love,