This beautiful image of Venus was painted by Diego Velázquez (1599-1660, Spain), an artist with his Venus in Cancer. It is called "Rokeby Venus", or "La Venus del espejo". Velázquez and his work were of extreme importance in terms of influence within the art of the Spanish Golden Age. This was one of his last works, and incredibly survived the Spanish Inquisition (which many paintings did not). Here, we see Venus being depicted in the true essence of a real woman - true to Venus in Cancer form, with the deep dip at the waist/hip line, to the brown hair, tied up as if she just came from any sort of gathering versus it flowing down to the floor, she really could be almost anyone. Without even knowing this woman you can get a sense of her honest face through the reflection of the mirror, this reflection also known as the "Venus Effect" - an optical illusion where you should not be able to see her looking at you (the viewer), since her head is pointed in the direction of her own gaze. This is very reminiscent of a person with their Venus in Cancer, because they love the real. They prefer to attract versus pursue, and even in their nudity their is more beauty than brazenness (in the more masculine energy this is also what they are more attracted to - a REAL woman/more feminine person versus perfection). Even still, with the optical illusion in the mirror it shows that even though you think that you see everything at first glance with a Venus in Cancer, you do not. Even though you think they are giving you everything when they act like they are, they might not be... there is always a little piece that is kept for them to know about and for you to discover. Even when it seems that they are not paying attention to you (like how she appears to be looking at herself), they are listening and watching intently, making sure that your intentions are true. They want that real love, and are more cunning than you would notice just at first glance. 

I would rather be the first painter of common things than second in higher art.

Is a quote from Diego Velázquez, and it truly represents the Venus in Cancer nature and feeling about love, beauty and creativity. They would rather bring the beauty of the everyday, or relatable things than do something against their natural inclination and still not be recognized for it. The calling of the heart is the truest of callings for these people and when they commit to something, it is forever.

The Venus in Cancer Man or Woman

How could you possibly know what my intentions are? I told you I want to be with you - are you saying that you don't believe me?

Ill intentions will only get so far with any Venus in Cancer man or woman. You see, they have a knack for seeing right through the smoke screen - most of the time. And when you slip through the cracks, they will make sure that once they pick up on your fishy scent, that you will never have the opportunity to pull one over on them again.

Rejection... this is a major theme and fear for a Venus in Cancer man or woman. They might take longer to open up than most, because they really do fear being rejected or ending up with someone who was not genuine. They need to be in a genuine relationship with another -nothing less will do.

"If you like it than you better put a ring on it" is my advice for anyone interested in a man or woman with their Venus in Cancer, because when they date, they do take it more seriously than most. They aren't the best at separating love and sex, and I highly suggest that you don't try to make them either. Also, know that their relationship with their mother more likely than not, plays a significant role in their life.

They really do crave stability in their relationships. They need to feel like together, you can create something really beautiful, that they can count on you and more than anything, that you will grow to have a beautiful family together.

A woman (or the more feminine energied person) with their Venus in Cancer, needs to have a beautiful home environment and craves to be with a romantic, compassionate partner, because that is exactly how she is in her relationships. She might be a little bit moody, however, her emotions and intuition are actually her greatest gift - an asset that many others aren't as tapped into as she is.

A man (or more masculine energied person) with their Venus in Cancer is instantly attracted to women who are nurturing and kind, even women who are very voluptuous and curvy. Women that will be an excellent yin to their yang, allowing them to create what they are meant to create in this lifetime.

To all of my Venus in Cancer men and women, thank you for showing me the value of waiting for the right one.

Lovingly, forever,