The Mercury in Aries man or woman is unexpectedly brash. Especially when they are a Pisces or Taurus Sun individual. The Aries with the Mercury in Aries is just a little bit more opinionated, and you can see it coming a little bit more. Even with that being said however, these people are the people that no one really sees coming. These are the people that go from having others think that maybe they aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer to completely ruling a country. 

What did they just say?!

How did they get there? Nobody seems to know, except that they target the topics which others would rather leave untouched. This gives them an air of knowing that others do not possess because quite frankly, they said it the loudest first. Not to mention, that not many people would dare argue with a Mercury in Aries man or woman, and end up following what they say out of default.

Since Aries is the first sign, these individuals have brilliant ways of thinking, that they put into initial action with vigor. They do commonly require someone else to carry it out for the longterm once the initial work is done however. Since Aries also rules the physical body, it is not uncommon for their belief system to effect their own body or the bodies of others a little more than most. (I talk more about this in my video below).

With that being said, these, in their highest form are the people you want in your corner, because no one leads the way that they do. At their worst, they can lead people to ultimate destruction. My point here is this: this energy leads, even in small ways, and since that is the case, you must look at what you are leading in your life whether consciously or unconsciously. Channel the energy of Libra and ask yourself if it is fair and if it brings more love into the world, and when the answer is yes, get the chariot ready and go.

Sending you love and beauty,


Famous People with their Mercury in Aries: Albert Einstein, Queen Elizabeth II, Hitler, Mariah Carey, Mark Zuckerberg, Vincent van Goh, Leonardo da Vinci