gemini woman

The Gemini Woman

(May 20 – June 20)

“I am listening to you, of course. Hey, do you remember that time when we went to that place? Or was that just a dream? Yes, you’re right, I knew that.” Are you in love with or do you have a crush on a Gemini woman? Catch her if you can. I am going to give you a little tip: catch the spirit first and then you will have the rest. Now wait a minute, I must be clear “catch” is a human term for what I am referring to, listen to me very carefully, THERE WILL BE NO CATCHING. Think Peter Pan and Wendy. Once your spirit and her spirit are flying together, and your body’s match, that is what I am really referring to. You must essentially catch up, rather than catch. The bright eyed adventurer, and the eternal trickster. If you are not on her level, she will leave you in the dust. Make sure that you have met all parts of her before you make a decision on this one! With a Gemini woman, I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop. The question is will the other shoe fall on your head and knock you out? Leaving you alone, waking up in an unfamiliar territory? Or, can you grab onto the shoe, when it hits the ground and travel back upwards with it, into the sky with its’ rightful owner? You let me know how that one goes, I will be over here getting the popcorn ready.

I love you for teaching me when to not speak and simply listen,

Always and forever,