Do you want to save a relationship with a Taurus man or woman? Well, if this is the case of a bull in a china shop, let’s just evacuate the shop nicely before the real Bull arrives, shall we?

I am just saying – if a Taurus man or woman doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you, you can’t force them, and they won’t treat you very well anyways. So, if that’s your situation, then consider yourself saved.

It’s not me baby, it’s you!

Thinks every Taurus ever. That is until they go home alone and the voice of doubt starts knocking ever so gently on their door… except, they will do whatever it takes to silence that annoying background noise. If your phone calls have anything to do with this, then consider yourself removed.

You see, Taureans are very emotional beings, although you might never ever know it. They don’t like change, and they must feel like they are in control of all of their “situations”. I have met very few Taurus men or women that would allow someone else to truly hold the power in their partnerships. And if they do, by the way, consider it a distraction for whatever else they might now be telling you.

On the other hand, Taurus men and women really do love love. They love everything about love. Romance and fairytale endings are what these people live for (that and three course meals from a five star restaurant). They will, in fact, do whatever it takes to preserve this fairytale and their favourite meals at the same time.

Any Taurus will consider you future material if you just so happened to go to Le Cordon Bleu.

If all else fails, dress up like an ice cream sundae for Hallowe’en and trick or treat by their place. They might just consider letting you back in.

I’m kidding… you’re best option here is to do a sexy strut in the other direction, unless they plan on working on things WITH you, together. If that’s the case, then whip out the strawberries and chocolate sauce, because it’s time to celebrate.

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Taurus men and women:

  • Are not exactly known for their ability to forgive or forget someone very easily
  • Doesn’t like the feeling of someone trying to take their power away – tell a Taurus what to do and this is what they will think is happening
  • That doesn’t want to work on themselves can be a dangerous bull
  • Wants to experience the deepest depths of love
  • Does not like change or changing directions once they have made a firm decision – if it’s gotten to that point it’s probably too late