How to save a Relationship with a Pisces Man or Woman

Are you wanting to save a relationship with a Pisces Man or Woman? This isn’t going to be easy… The Pisces is a very tricky fish… mostly because it really isn’t just one fish that you have to battle with, it’s two. The Piscean Body, Mind and Spirit are highly individual and like to spend time travelling through all dimensions, so if they didn’t respond to your last text message, don’t overthink it too much.

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If you’re here, it is probably because you weren’t overwhelmingly honest with your Pisces Man or Woman, or maybe you were getting way too close to their little Ocean of secrets. Either way, this is a perfect time to address the puddle in the room, regardless of who brought it there. The tricky thing with this is that a Pisces doesn’t ever really think that they “weren’t honest” with you, however they may not endow you with the same level of forgiveness.

The only way to fix this one is to find a way to mingle the past with the future (what you once had with what you will have). Since the Pisces Man or Woman is always floating around, and never really in one place, the only way that you can catch them is in two metaphorically separate places and then bring it into the present situation. Sounds complicated? That’s because it is.

Pisces is probably one of the harder signs to fix a relationship with… however, if you are more intuitive than they are, then you may just have a leg up on this one.

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Key Tips For Saving A Relationship With A Pisces Man or Woman:

A Pisces:

  • HATES being told what to do!!! You really have to ask great questions and let them “come up with the idea”
  • Is all about mixing what is real with fantasy
    (READ: REAL IN ANOTHER DIMENSION) and so this must be what you actually want and authentic
  • Is a great Empath and at the end of a day of absorbing emotions from other people, they just want to be surrounded by a little bit of fairy dust
  • Always thinks that you can dive EVEN DEEPER, yes even deeper than that
  • Is always motivated by a good cry for help – especially if they can be your sexy saviour. (As long as you aren’t blaming the problem on them!!!)
  • Hates being told what to do. You really have to ask them great questions and get them to “come up with the idea themselves”
  • Is all about mixing what is real and fantasy (READ: WHAT IS REAL IN ANOTHER DIMENSION) so in everything you do, make sure it is what you truly want and that it is authentic