I knew it from the very start, but I just didn’t say anything

Aquarius men and women are not the easiest sign to fix a relationship with, I am just putting it out there. Everyone thinks that Taurus people are stubborn, and anyone who says that clearly hasn’t met an Aquarius. Just PLEASE don’t tell them that I said that – because they think they think they are more flexible than the wind. It’s not that they aren’t flexible – it’s that they made up their mind a long time ago and were going along for the experience, mostly.

Did you make them hang out with people that they just don’t like? Did you let your circumstances get the best of you? Are you way too human? Do you suffer from #firstworldproblems? These things and many others may be the reason why your beloved Aquarius man or woman (or anyone with a lot of Aquarius energy) is on the fritz. (Extra emphasis on the First World Problems #justsaying). Mundane conversations are not acceptable here, friends.

The quickest way to help save this relationship with an Aquarius is to have a “friend to friend” conversation with them, and lay EVERYTHING out on the table (yes EVERYTHING). They will only ever have a relationship with someone who they feel is their equal… well…. their equal that still has a place for them to “help out and shine in”. (Don’t ask – no one gets it, just roll with it). Bonus points if you have friends in common with them, and they hear how you absolutely have your shit together now – How you are living the philanthropists dream – you might have to be the one to reach out to them though.

If you catch yourself thinking about an Aquarius, it’s probably because they have been sending you mind control waves, so don’t be so hard on yourself.

Please remember, my dear Aquarians are one of the signs of this “unrequited love” thing, (mostly people that they weren’t able to save), and so please make sure that they don’t have a secret “ex-stuff” basket in the closet before you save this puppy.

I am just the messenger here, and I love you all dearly. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be so inclined to speak the #truth here.

Best of luck,



Aquarius Men and Women:

  • Love relationships and friendships – especially those they can learn and grow from
  • Can tend to ONLY hold on to relationships where they weren’t successfully able to “fix” the other person
  • Individuals can see all of the things within you that you can’t even see yourself
  • Is the sign of doing the unthinkable and making it your claim to fame!!!
  • With this sign, no self-love equals no trust – so don’t even think about it if you can’t love yourself first