aries man

Dating an Aries Man

(March 20 – April 19)

Well, hello there, my forceful Rams, or lovers of such. So, you’re in love with an Aries male? The strong creators, the hunters, the chasers… I’m hiding in my room right now as a jaded Aries from my past is trying to bang down my proverbial door (just kidding). But seriously, don’t piss one of these animals off. You are theirs, didn’t you know? Oh, no, no, silly goose, they, however do not belong to anyone. The quickest way to get rid of an Aries male is to try to stake your claim on them. So, if there is an Aries that you want to quickly get rid of, tell him that you want to move in with him, have his babies, and get married RIGHT NOW! No, not in a week, either right now or the deal is off (they also hate ultimatums). Come on, have a sense of humor… 🙂