pisces man

The Pisces Man

(February 18 – March 20)

“Hello? I know you’re here, I can smell you, I can taste you…but I just can’t see you. Maybe you’re really not…” The Pisces Man – whether you are in love with one or simply have a crush, I am going to help you with this one. Here, take my fishing rod… I have taken a page from the musings of Harry Potter and infused it with a Phoenix feather. Yes, as a matter of fact, take two, one to catch the decoy, and the other to catch the real deal. How will you know which one is which? Whichever one you instantly think is him is most likely the decoy. So, catch it, and keep the other pole in the water, and wait. You might be surprised at what tugs at the line, that’s right, it’s not what you thought. If you have any ill intentions, you may discover that your dream boy never shows up. However, for a quick fix, poke a hole in your boat and scream like a good damsel in distress does. The Pisces man lives to be your saviour. (Sorry, not sorry).

I love you for the tricky minx that you are, as long as you don’t try to play that double game with me,

Affectionately yours, always and forever (no, not both of you, choose one),


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