***PLEASE NOTE: The option to book a Discovery Call with me is only if you are ready to seriously explore working together. You MUST fill in all fields completely for the appointment to be confirmed.

If you decide to coach with me, we will begin by going over your birth chart and then begin to dive deeper from there (so it is not necessary to book a Birth Chart Reading as it is included.)

My coaching program currently requires a minimum of a four month commitment, where we will focus on one main issue with accompanying issues to be resolved. For example, if you have PTSD or are struggling with depression, anxiety or a lack of self love and in that it is affecting your relationships, we will work on the root cause of this issue and also address what is being affected by it.

I combine both the modern and the occult to achieve rapid results that will bring you to your orgasmic reawakening.

This is DEEP work, and truly it is only for people who are truly ready to be brave, to face their demons and conquer all of the things that have been locked away.

If this is you then I would love to meet and explore working together.


Do you have a question about my services? You can send me a message and I will happily get back to you.

Please only sign up for a one on one intro call with me when you can commit to change and you truly are ready to heal and let go of the blocks that have been holding you back. I am so excited to meet you soon. x


Featured image is: Eugène Delacroix - "Lycurgus Consulting the Pythia"