The Virgo Woman

Love, Dating, Traits

(August 23 – September 22)

Our Divine Earth Mother, our healer, where have you gone? No, please don’t leave, we need you here, now. I know you don’t understand this world, but at the same time you do. You must know how much we need you, only you must need you first.

Are you in love with or dating a Virgo Woman? If you don’t see this woman as the divine healer that she is, your chances of compatibility are not going to be very high. If you are with this woman, you must help her move through the earth. Sometimes, she will have an intuition on something that is so strong that it will render her in a place of “illness” or inability to act. When this woman has a strong partner, helping her move forward, this union will truly be unstoppable. Now, let me make this clear. She doesn’t NEED anyone, she is more than capable on her own, and that is exactly the problem. That will probably be the largest obstacle in claiming this woman’s heart. She really has very little use for anyone (sorry, but it’s the truth). What would a divine healer need anyone else’s less than healing hands for?

Ah, yes, well I know one thing… yes, I know your secret, Virgo women. The secret is that every once in a while, this woman needs to wash her hands of these healings, if you will. She must find a place to escape to in order to clear this energy. If you just so happen to be the holder of the male energy that takes this energy and recycles it for her, without her having to venture into the forest alone, well, she might just let you stay. Are you the shape-shifting wolf-man that will walk equally with her, with your own warrior strengths? If so, I will let you pass. If not, I suggest you keep looking.

Virgo rules the stomach. If you are not honest with this woman, she will feel it in her gut. At the same time, if you feel something in your gut about her, you must trust it as well, since this energy will be automatically transferred to you, assuming you are connected.

To my Virgo women – thank you for your divine touch which has always calmed my soul. Thank you for taking me in, for being a divine mother and woman in my life when I truly thought that there was nothing left to heal, or to see. That healing opened that place that I had forgotten about, and allowed me to escape.

Forever, and always, to my love.