taurus woman

The Taurus Woman

(April 19 – May 20)

“You don’t know me, so stop pretending that you do. This just proves that no one understands me.” The Taurus woman – whether you are in love with one or simply have a crush, don’t expect her to let you into the lavender fields right away. You may think that she has, and you are merely in the holding pen, my friend. No way! You know that this woman really loves you once she no longer has to dress up and show up for you, when she has gotten reallllllly comfortable. Welcome! She just wants to make sure that you haven’t put her on that intangible pedestal like so many who have walked before you. Do you love her because of her exterior qualities or do you truly love her womb, her being, her soul? Oh wait, now does she? Yes, yes, yes. *Puts delicate China back in the cupboard* That my brave friend is what you must find out before you get into that corral. If she does not, I suggest buying your own seeds and planing your own lavender, maybe, she will venture your way.

I love you for teaching me how to sow my own seeds, and how to embrace my fertility in more ways than the physical,

Always and forever,